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1994: Empowering Black Youth Conference in Compton.


Thabiti explains the importance of culture to give our youth the confidence to excell academically and socially.

1996: Self Host Talk Show, Host: Dr Keri Pratt
Dr. Pratt, Neice of the late Geronimo Pratt, interviews Thabiti Umoja on Wholistic health, herbology, Aids and vaccines.

The AFIBA Center of Los Angeles, California




Thabiti Umoja


Vaccine Shots: "Prevention Or Poison" Educate Before You Vaccinate!


Thabiti discussed How Vaccine Shots were made and the legal exemptions. 

Part (1.)

Part (2.)

Part (3.)

Video History Archives

Note: These Videos were not produced by Thabiti, but uploaded to share general knowledge of history and important events in past present and future.



In the Spirit of Imhotep
















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