NOTE: Following the pandemic of 2020, several of the organic herbs that we have been using for the past 30 years for the C and S formulas have nearly doubled in price. We have been working very hard to keep any increases to a minimum.  We intend to continue the integrity of the same exact formula that so many have enjoyed over the years.  Thabiti Umoja

Welcome To 1 Love Herbal Products!.   1 love Herbal products was formed by skilled herbalist and Iridologist Thabiti Umoja.


Thabiti Umoja is committed to your long term health and well-being.  He has been a healer and teacher in the Los Angeles community for over 30 years.   He assists people on a daily basis with herbs, vitamins and healthy food choices. 


Thabiti is also the manufacturer of a very popular herbal supplement called, C & S formula's #1 and #2.  These are “powerful” powdered formulas used to fight cold and flu-like symptoms, asthma and respiratory challenges.  (Learn More).



C and S formulas can also be purchased at Simply Wholesome in Los Angeles and Stuff I Eat in Inglewood.   "Check Store Locations tab" 

Thabiti  gives lectures and workshops on health issues that affect the community.  YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ASK THABITI


His lectures and herbal formulas have been helping many people in California and throught different parts of the United States since 1989.

C & S Formula #1 & #2

Herbal Formula C & S #1 & #2

The latest herbal supplements to provide you with a holistic, individualized treatment.

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Black Origins of Health (DVD)

Black Origins of Health (DVD)


Thabiti Umoja presents a powerful slide presentation on Black peoples health journey from ancient Kemet (Egypt) to America 

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Focus on preventative care for your health "Not taking any appointments at the moment until further notice".  

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"Online Health Classes"   

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