Math & Reading Camp

The Math and Reading camp was designed to help sharpen our youth’s math and reading skills, especially since so many students get educationally rusty during the summertime.

 The Math Curriculum is an intense curriculum which cover basic to advanced concepts.  This Curriculum covers the history of math and the role Africans, and Africans in America have played.  The curriculum is also based on the Original and Common Core State Standards. 


The Reading Curriculum focuses on the Greatness of African-people in the past, present and the future. The Goal of each student is to develop skills to identify important concepts from a story.  How to critically analyze a passage to understand it’s deeper meaning.  Be able to accurately describe a story or book including important details which shape the meaning of the literature.


We are delighted to share in the teaching of your child this summer.   We understand that every student learns at a different pace, so we determine each child’s strengths and weaknesses.  We encourage students to enhance their innate strengths and work on conquering their weaknesses.


Thabiti Umoja

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