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Iridology is the ancient science of observing the condition of your body's organs by reading corresponding areas of the iris.  The fibers of the iris are conected to every organ of the body.  The conditions of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines, blood, etc.,

can all be observed through the science of Iridology.  A good iridologist will be able to observe conditions that are at the acute or severe state.

2650-2600 BC (3rd Dynasty Ancient Kemet (Egypt)


Imhotep served as Chancellor to Pharaoh King Djoser

of the 3rd Dynasty in Ancient Kemet (Egypt).


He was the architect of the first step pyramid in Ancient Kemet (Egypt). He is also credited by many historians as the original author of the research contained in the Edwin Smith Papyrus of 1600BC.


The full list of Imhotep's titles are:

  • Chancellor of the King of Egypt
  • Doctor
  • First in line after the King of Upper Egypt
  • Administrator of the Great Palace
  • Hereditary Nobleman
  • High Priest of Heliopolis
  • Builder
  • Chief Carpenter
  • Chief Sculptor
  • Maker of Vases in Chief

1333-1323BC (18th Dynasty Pharaoh of Ancient Kemet (Egypt)


King Tut Tutankhamun (alternately spelled with Tutenkh-, -amen, -amon)

His original name, Tutankhaten, means "Living Image of Ra" He reign during the 18th Dynasty in Ancient Kemet.


In 1922 archaeologist Howard Carter discovered silver plates while exploring King Tut's Tomb. These silver plates had depictions of the Iris with various depictions of internal organs.


These silver plates are thought to be some of the first lessons of Iridology dating back thousands of years in Kemet (Egypt).

Therefore, Iridology spread from Africa (Egypt) to Babylon, Tibet, China, Europe and other regions

(E. Velkhover).

Hippocrates 460 BC – 370 BC


Was known as a Greek physician of Athens. He is referred to as the Father of Western Medicine.


Hippocrates Founded the Hippocratic School of medicine. Hippocrates is credited with advancing the medical understanding and practices in Greece.

When Doctors receive their license today, they take an ethical standards oath called "The Hippocratic Oath."


In western textbooks he is often incorrectly referred to as the father of medicine, while Imhotep lived 2000 years before Hippocrates existed.

Ignatz Von Peczley

1826 AD – 1907 AD


Ignatz Von Peczley was a Hungarian physician known as "The Father of Western Iridology"


If you believe the story, when Ignatz was a child of only 10 years of age, he was attempting to release a trapped Owl when the bird broke it's leg. He observed a dark mark in the Owl's iris, which gradually turned white as the leg healed. He was able to use this knowledge years later when he became a Doctor.


In 1881 he published a book "Discoveries in the Field of Natural Science and Medicine, a guide to the study and diagnosis from the eye." It was in this book that Von Peczely built up the first known accurate chart of the iris.

In 1950 an American , Dr. Bernard Jensen pioneered the science of iridology in the US. He developed one of the most comprehensive iridology charts showing the location of the organs as they reflect in the iris of the eyes. His chart is still the most accurate one used by skilled Iridologists today.


Bernard Jenson wrote in his book " The Science and Practice of Iridology in reference to the early Pioneers of Iridology "It is very interesting to note that although these men lived many miles apart, and did not know each other, they wrote similar books at the same time, even writing alike word for word in many instances."

Dr. Paul Goss was known as the Modern Day Grandfather of Iridology.  Many of our cuurent Iridologists were trained by Dr. Goss, including Traditional Naturopth's; Thabiti Umoja, Nathan Rabb, Don Binns, and Keith Richardson to name a few.


 Dr. Goss used Iridology, Herbal Remedies and Vegetarian diets for healing, and  did so since 1965. He established New body Products in Compton California in 1976.


Dr. Goss prefered to use the Iridology chart designed by Dr. Bernard Jenson,  he views this chart as the most accurate available. Dr. Goss helped people achieve the NEW BODY they needed or wanted. On a daily basis he used his unique application of the ancient art of Wholistic healing.


Dr. Goss  lectured on Wholistic topics in nearly every US state and 17 foreign countries including Mexico, Jamaica, Africa and Europe. He wrote four books, "Forever Young", "The Natural Way", "The Rebirth of Gods", and "The Eyes of Forever Young" (It is used by many health practioners and schools today). He was the key developer of two holistic health resorts in North Carolina and Arizona call EDEN.


Today, NEW BODY PRODUCTS are used by millions.  Their products are distributed by hundreds of experienced holistic practitioners, as well as lay people all over the United States and throughout the world.


Dr Paul Goss made his transition recently, he will missed dearly by so many of us who learned so much from him, and those who had the chance to enjoy his positive spirit and witty humor. 

Iridology Today


Thabiti Umoja is one of the most accurate Iridologists of today. Thabiti was certified by Dr. Paul Goss in November of 1991.


For over 30 years he has read thousands of eyes, and put many individuals on herbal and nutritional programs to improve their health.


Thabiti Umoja is currently an herbalist and Iridologist in Los Angeles. He assists people on a daily basis with herbs, vitamins and healthy food choices.  He is currently training others with the foundational knowledge to become an Iridologist and Master Herbalist.


Thabiti is also the manufacturer of C and S Respiratory Formulas.




LOCATION:  112 N Market Street Inglewood California.

For more information call (323)989-1178


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