About Thabiti Umoja “Tragedy to Success”

Thabiti has been an herbalist and Certified Iridologist for the more than 30 years. Thabiti Umoja was born in Morgan City Louisiana and raised in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

In 1988, Thabiti was involved in a tragic car accident. As he was outside his vehicle attending his Volkswagen (which broke down), another car struck him moving 45 miles per hour. The car struck Thabiti severely breaking both of his legs, collar bone, and he lost a calf in the process. The first two hospitals recommended amputations of both of his legs. Thabiti went through numerous surgeries which included; bone and skin graphing, vein and back muscle transplants. All surgeries were a success and he was able to keep his legs and walk again.

Thabiti credits his success to his strong belief in God, Prayers and Persistent Family members. He also credits the collaboration of Wholistic Health and The Medical field. 

While recovering in a wheel chair, Thabiti read hundreds of Books and Health articles on Nutrition, Herbalogy, Iridology, health history, Cancer, Vaccines and Aids to name a few.  Eso Won Books in Los Angeles provided many of the books he used for his research. 

In 1989 Thabiti began to mix herbal formulas and helped many friends and family members with different health challenges. He created C & S formula 1 shortly afterwards.  During this same period, he entered the private sector with his older brother performing insurance adjusting and photo and diagrams for various insurance companies throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and orange county.


Thabiti has been a Certified Iridologist since 1991, and earned a degree in Psychology from Long Beach State the same year.


From 1991 to 1996, Thabiti worked as a Health Educator for the Watts Health Foundation and Crisis Counselor at Washington and Locke High in Los Angeles. 


As a Crisis Counselor at  Washigton high, he coordinated a sucessful Rites of Passage program with Donald Bakeer (Author, Retired LAUSD Teacher) called the Male Responsibilty Program. His Mentor staff included teacher's;Taylor, Gaines and Preciado. Thanks to the support of the school Principal,  Ms. Lamotte,  Counselors, Teacher's and Community activists, Unity was able to be maintained on Washington' High's campus, and in the surrounding areas with the aid of the male Responsibility. Group.  His program's success encouraged his supervisor's;  Dr Henrietta Smith and Cherl Squires to start and coordinate a sucessful Female Rites of passage program at Washington High as well.


Thabiti began teaching at Marcus Garvey School in Los Angeles in 1997.  His 8th grade class won second place in the Annual Science Fair by restructuring a model of "The Great Pyramid of Kemet" (Egypt).  In 1998 Thabiti  received an Imhotep Medal for constructing a model town with his 4th grade class at Marcus Garvey School.


Thabiti Finished his Studies in Herbalogy and Herbal Applications at Adom School of Natural Health November of 1998.

Thabiti is currently the manufacturer of two very popular herbal supplements called,    C & S formula #1 and C & S Formula #2.  They are “powerful” powdered formulas used to fight cold and flu-like symptoms, asthma and respiratory challenges.  For 10 years; From 2003 to 2013 Thabiti Umoja worked as an Iridologist and herbalist at Simply Wholesome Health food store in Los Angeles. He learned mountains of information working with Percell Keeling and Manager Apryl Sims who encouraged him to professionally package his formulas and refine his trade.

Thabiti is currently an herbalist and Iridologist in Los Angeles California. He assists people on a daily basis with herbs, vitamins and healthy food choices.  He's also a multisubject teacher at Marcus Garvey School in Los Angeles.

His lectures and herbal formulas have been helping many people in California and throughout different parts of the United States since 1989.


Thabiti gives Wholistic Health lectures on a monthy basis.

 Thabiti Umoja's Research Available on DVD


In 2011, Thabiti  delivered over 20 years of research in a Shocking DVD titled; "Black Origins of Health." 

(More Info Click Here:)


In 2012 He completed another powerful slide presentaion and workshop titled: Vaccine Shots: "Prevention or Poison."



Thabiti gives "Much Thanks" for his recovery to Wholistic & Medical Doctors.

Wholistic Minded Natural Doctors:


Paul Goss

Nathan Rabb

Don Binns

Sed Emery

Kerrie Pratt

Henrietta Smith

Jamie Miller


Wholistic Minded Medical Doctors From Long Beach Memorial Hospital:


Gary Solomon,M.D.

Michael Strauss, M.D.

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